Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exporting Groupwise & NDS Information

I have had several instances where I needed a dump of information from ConsoleOne, but didn't know how. Now someone pointed me to the GroupWise 6 Import/Export Utility for ConsoleOne.

From Novell:

The Novell GroupWise 6 Import/Export utility is an add-on to ConsoleOne that enables you to transfer GroupWise information into and out of NDS.

The GroupWise Export utility reads NDS and GroupWise object information from NDS and creates an ASCII delimited text file containing the object attributes.

The GroupWise Import utility reads an ASCII-delimited text file created by the GroupWise Export utility or by a third-party export, and creates NDS and GroupWise objects with attributes from the file. The Import utility supports most NDS classes (including extensions) and GroupWise classes.

Read more about it and get the add-in here.

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