Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Office 2010 x64 and SharePoint Datasheet Views

It turns out that you cannot switch a SharePoint list to Datasheet View if you are running Office 2010 x64.  The required components are not part of the Office 2010 x64 install.  Various postings had you verify if Access was installed.  I didn't have it installed, added it, and still couldn't switch to Datasheet View.  To add the required components, simply install the 2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components.

IE9 RTM and Citrix ICA files

I ran various IE9 betas and RCs without issue when it came to opening and launching Citrix ICA files.  Once I installed the RTM version however, they failed to open.  The file would download, and then just sort of hang.  If I went to the site with Firefox, I had no issues.  Today I learned that to resolve this, you simply need to uninstall "Citrix online plug-in - web", and then reinstall the web client when prompted through your Citrix portal.  Much better now...