Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Little Levity...

Exchange 2007 SP1 Documentation

The Exchange Team Blog has a nice post up with links to new and updated documentation on the changes in Exchange 2007 SP1 and how to deploy SP1 in your environment. Here is the listing:

ILM 2007 Password Management Collection

The ILM 2007 Password Management Collection is a set of documents that are designed to you through the Password Change Notification Service (PCNS) feature used by ILM 2007 to synchronize passwords from an authoritative Active Directory source to other connected data stores. The material presented is in a simplified environment that is designed to help the user become familiar with the PCNS feature included with ILM 2007 in a time efficient manner.

Exchange Management Shell Quick Reference

Exchange 2007 introduces a new management platform called the Exchange Management Shell, based on Windows PowerShell, formerly codenamed "Monad". This quick reference guide provides a list of frequently used cmdlets, important conventions, and useful tips. The information is presented by feature area, such as recipient, transport, and database administration. This quick reference guide applies to Exchange 2007 SP1 and the RTM version of Exchange 2007.