Friday, October 19, 2007

PdaNet vs. Internet Sharing on the AT&T Tilt


One of the things I've been trying to get working with my Tilt is the ability to tether it to my laptop for data connectivity. AT&T offers a tethering option to data plans for $20, but I don't intend on using this 24/7 for an Internet connection, just something to use in a pinch. The AT&T cops swarming down on me is a chance I'm prepared to take.

The first thing I tried was PdaNet from June Fabrics. I used version 1.80 because it added WM6 support. I was wholly unsuccessful in getting this to work over USB or Bluetooth. I consistently got a "Modem is Busy" error, so I did a little more digging and found several others that had tried and failed to get PdaNet working with the Tilt. In the process, I also found out about Internet Sharing, a feature that (apparently) was offered on the 8525.

On the AT&T Tilt (the successor to the 8525), Internet Sharing was replaced by Wireless Modem in Connections. While Internet Sharing is no longer listed in Connections, it is still present on the device and can be used. Internet Sharing effectively does the same thing as PdaNet.

To locate Internet Sharing:

  1. Go to Start>Programs>Tools>File Explorer.
  2. Open the Windows Folder.
  3. Scroll down until you locate Internet Sharing.

To add a shortcut to an existing folder on your device:

  1. Tap and Hold on Internet Sharing and select Copy from the pop up menu.
  2. Navigate to a folder where you would like to put your shortcut and select Menu>Edit>Paste. I placed it in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Tools.

To use Internet Sharing:

  1. Pair your device with your PC (Bluetooth or USB).
  2. Locate the Internet Sharing shortcut you created and tap on it to open the application.
  3. Select USB or Bluetooth from the PC Connection type drop down (depending on your needs, obviously).
  4. Select MEdiaNet from the Network Connection drop down.
  5. Tap on Connect.

I tested this with Vista and didn't have any trouble with it.

UPDATE 03.12.08 - After a reader commented on not being able to get this to work with Vista, I realized I forgot one piece of the puzzle that I did well before I started to figure out Internet Sharing. In its default configuration, the Tilt wouldn't connect to Vista at all via USB (at least not with my laptop, so it's possible it is specific to my hardware). To fix this, go to Settings - Connections - USB to PC and turn off "Enable advanced network functionality" (whatever that is). You will need to re-enable this when you want to use it with XP.


vinnie said...

Keith, thanks!

Like you I had PDANet and could not make it work.

I use the modem at airports, places where I cannot pick up free wifi and need to connect via laptop...wish AT&T would not be cagey about this...not like in this day and age people would deliberately and repeatedly connect at that great modem speed -)

Bob said...

Tried it on my tilt and tested it with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Thank You

Anonymous said...

Awesome dude and I want to have your babies. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

didnt work for me on my laptop with vista

Miles said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

U B a genius. I've messed around with an intermittently working PDAnet for months now and it's just not reliable. Thx so so much.!

Sam said...

U da man!!

I bought PdaNet and it simply does not work with the Tilt. Internet Sharing was clean and so simply. I immediately shared this with my Tilt buddies.

Amy said...

Same story...bought PDANet and does not work.

This works great! Thanks so much!

BTW- running Vista and no problems

Arash said...

ok i know its working for everyone eles but for some odd reason i can no get this thing to work...please if u would do me a favor and tell me what to do i would really appreciate sharing works it get connected the active sync is working fine, i even did the thing u said for vista but still its not working...

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, now the att police will know to remove the software function from future versions of the phone... but thank you for now!

Anonymous said...

GREAT info - thanks!!!

I had a 8525 and expected the Internet Sharing on the Tilt... I just can't believe that AT&T failed to make it directly available.

I use Internet Sharing - BT PAN with my MacBook running OSX 10.5.3 and would hate to be w/o it. Internet Sharing is working again with my Tilt.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome. you need more keywords like tether, connect laptop to tilt, connect laptop to kaiser, share internet on tilt, etc. to make this come up higher in the google search. --john

Anonymous said...

FYI.. The pdanet 2.0 works great on Tilt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks-This worked perfectly. The default thing (Start->Settings->Connections->Wireless modem) did not work at all.

Omowunmi said...

I did everything but when it's time to connect it tells me that the remote party has ended the connection. Could it be that AT&T knows about this now and they blocked it? Or do i have to remove the Pdanet from my phone?
Please help me.

Omowunmi said...

Guys it finally works for me. But i hope AT&T will not send me a bill for tethering or else i'm in trouble.

iwillleaveattatslightestexcuse said...

I just got this to work as well on my Blackjack, thanks very much. AT&T is now requiring a $75 data package for tethering, not sure how that's possible but that's what they just told me. I've only had mine working for a few minutes so hopefully they don't shut me down somehow.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Worked for me at first shot...Thanks Keith.

Anonymous said...

Am in the virgin islands and like everybody else I had pdanet.I would like to thank u your info was very helpful,you are de mon,BIG UP