Monday, July 16, 2007

Installing SQL 2000 MSDE SP4

The command line necessary to install SQL 2000 SP4 on an MSDE installation is not very well documented. I have had a couple of cases recently where I needed to install it and each time had to go looking for it. For anyone interested, here it is (the setup.exe is the setup included in the extracted SP4 files):

setup.exe /upgradesp sqlrun /l*v c:\msdelog.log

If you haven't already set the SA password, you'll need to do it when you install the service pack.  In this case, add the SAPWD parameter to the end of the command:

setup.exe /upgradesp sqlrun /l*v c:\msdelog.log SAPWD=<password>

For specific SQL instances, you will need to specify the SQL instance name.  For example, to upgrade the MSDE instance for ISA Server 2006, you'll need to specify an instance name of "MSFW":

setup.exe /upgradesp sqlrun /l*v INSTANCENAME=MSFW c:\msdelog.log SAPWD=<password>

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